JANE BACKER: DENTAL BILLING COORDINATOR is a short spoof of the TV show “24” created for the 2010 48 Hour Film Project/Albuquerque. The film was conceived, written, shot, and edited in just 48 hours. JANE BACKER won two awards for the 48 Hour Film Project: Best Editing and Best Sound Design.

This short parody of the TV show “24” was made in just 48 hours for THE 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT. It won multiple awards at the Albuquerque 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT award show in August 2010.

Produced by Bogwood Films. bogwood.com

Special Thanks


  • Jessi Badami is Jane Backer
  • William Sterchi is Dr. Kaplinsky
  • Fran Martone is Dental Practice Administrator Kate Redding
  • Nicole Casanova is rogue hygienist Nina Frost
  • Nathaniel Augustson is Data Entry Assistant Joey Sullivan
  • Tom Conklin is Jane’s reluctant accomplice, the helpful gardener, Jay Michaels
  • M. Robert Becker is patient Braydon
  • Kenneth McGlothin is the Nigerian Ambassador
  • Latanya Bell as the receptionist


  • Produced & Directed by Jessi Badami
  • Written, Filmed, & Edited by Randy Nargi
  • 1st Ad: Robert M. Johnston
  • Location Sound: Chris Hatcher
  • Assistant Producer: Steven Martinez
  • Script Supervisor: Beth Hansen
  • Camera Assistant: Jason Utash
  • Hair: Mindee Nye-Baca
  • Makeup: Gretchen Bright
  • Opening/Closing Theme Music: Chris Hatcher, BOSCHLABS
  • Sound Design: Randy Nargi
  • Casting: Jessi Badami