Your Prospects Are Making a Choice…

People have more choices than ever. These choices are not just between you and your competitors. Sometimes the choice involves a different industry. Or even not making a choice at all (inaction).

Here’s How We Make Them Choose You

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About Bogwood

We’re the “Choice Hackers”

We can help with a full spectrum of strategy and tactics designed to produce a single outcome:

More of Your Best Prospects Choose You


Skills We Use

Marketing Strategy 87%
Video Creation 95%
Advertising 97%
Graphic Design 90%
Digital Marketing 78%


Randy Nargi

Randy began his advertising career on Madison Avenue with two large international ad agencies: DMB&B and Saatchi & Saatchi. He created advertising for well-known companies (P&G, General Mills) and brands (Crest toothpaste, Tide detergent, Trix cereal, Entenmann’s baked goods) for several years before being recruited to work at Seattle’s largest ad agency (EvansGroup) where he headed up the Seafirst/Bank of America creative team and also worked on other key clients (including QFC, Eddie Bauer, Eagle Hardware, NW Ford Dealers). In 1998, he was one of the founding team members of the innovative Paul Allen e-commerce company Mercata and later headed up marketing for and

Financial, Automotive, Retail, Technology, Packaged Goods, Startups
Marketing Strategy, Advertising, Video, Digital Marketing
VP/Creative: Publicis Advertising
VP/Marketing: Mercata
Sr. Director Marketing & Store Operations:

Jessi Princiotto

Jessi received her BA in Art from Binghamton University in New York, after graduating from the prestigious Bronx High School of Science. Her training includes four years at top Madison Avenue advertising agencies, internships with established graphic designers, and further study at the School of Visual Arts, the School of Visual Concepts, New York Institute of Technology, as well as individual course work. She has received awards for her design from Best of Business Card Design and Studio magazine. She has also served as a judge at the New York Festivals advertising competition and taught graphic design at The Art Institute. As a published author, designer, photographer, and illustrator, she approaches projects with the objective of creating the most effective possible communications, and is extra passionate about helping non-profits attain better results within their budget.

Non-profits, Pet Products, Healthcare, Insurance
Photography, Print Design, Illustration, Voiceover, Content Marketing

Art Buyer/Print Producer: DMB&B Advertising
Sr. Art Buyer/Print Producer: Backer Spielvogel Bates Advertising
Creative Director: Group Health Cooperative

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